Whether you are an actor or a producer, working in the theatre industry, you need to learn, get as much experience as you can and form networks.

You can get all these in one place by attending the various theatre festivals that takes place in different parts of the world. Most people who are serious about their work in theatre wait eagerly for these festivals. Here are the top theatre festivals you can attend.

Edinburgh Fringe

This is the most popular theatre festival. It is a lively event where people from the theatre industry gather and have a great time. Various types of discussions are held about theatre, like the best shows, good performers, and more.

Galway International Arts Festival

Millions of visitors from all over the world attend this festival. It is full of talk shows, concerts, street shows, opera, and more. It takes place in different cities at different times of the year. You can make plans to attend the festival near you.

London International Festival of Theatre

In this festival, plays are staged in interesting places like car parks or cemeteries. This festival not only shows the traditional side of the theatre, but also the modern perspective.

International Festival of Ancient Greek Drama

This is the place for Greek drama. Different theatre companies come here to stage various Greek dramas in their respective languages. Greek dramas have always been the inspiration of most theatre producers and this festival gives the opportunity to learn more about Greek drama.

Festival d’ Avignon

It is one of the most important European theatre festivals. Here you will see plays in big stages and also small ones. It gives an opportunity for small production houses to stage their plays. You will love watching the creations of both big and small production houses.

Adelaide Festival

It is a popular theatre festival which creates a platform for young talent to perform. The festival is full of music and dance along with staging of some of the most popular plays.

Lagos Theatre Festival

This festival shows that performing arts are created in every corner of the earth. It is the largest theatre festival in West Africa. A number of production houses stage their shows here.

Al Bustan Festival

This festival takes place in Lebanon. The place is always suffering from war and theatre gives them a place to escape from all their troubles. It also helps the local artists to showcase their talent. You will see opera and theatre performances here.

These festivals give the opportunity to see good plays, both classic and modern, meet people from the industry, and have a great time. You will be able to learn a lot from these festivals and it will impact your work in the theatre industry.