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Top 8 Theatre Festivals You Can Attend

Whether you are an actor or a producer, working in the theatre industry, you need to learn, get as much experience as you can and form networks.

You can get all these in one place by attending the various theatre festivals that takes place in different parts of the world. Most people who are serious about their work in theatre wait eagerly for these festivals. Here are the top theatre festivals you can attend.

Edinburgh Fringe

This is the most popular theatre festival. It is a lively event where people from the theatre industry gather and have a great time. Various types of discussions are held about theatre, like the best shows, good performers, and more.

Galway International Arts Festival

Millions of visitors from all over the world attend this festival. It is full of talk shows, concerts, street shows, opera, and more. It takes place in different cities at different times of the year. You can make plans to attend the festival near you.

London International Festival of Theatre

In this festival, plays are staged in interesting places like car parks or cemeteries. This festival not only shows the traditional side of the theatre, but also the modern perspective.

International Festival of Ancient Greek Drama

This is the place for Greek drama. Different theatre companies come here to stage various Greek dramas in their respective languages. Greek dramas have always been the inspiration of most theatre producers and this festival gives the opportunity to learn more about Greek drama.

Festival d’ Avignon

It is one of the most important European theatre festivals. Here you will see plays in big stages and also small ones. It gives an opportunity for small production houses to stage their plays. You will love watching the creations of both big and small production houses.

Adelaide Festival

It is a popular theatre festival which creates a platform for young talent to perform. The festival is full of music and dance along with staging of some of the most popular plays.

Lagos Theatre Festival

This festival shows that performing arts are created in every corner of the earth. It is the largest theatre festival in West Africa. A number of production houses stage their shows here.

Al Bustan Festival

This festival takes place in Lebanon. The place is always suffering from war and theatre gives them a place to escape from all their troubles. It also helps the local artists to showcase their talent. You will see opera and theatre performances here.

These festivals give the opportunity to see good plays, both classic and modern, meet people from the industry, and have a great time. You will be able to learn a lot from these festivals and it will impact your work in the theatre industry.

4 Things to Do After Coming from Theatre Rehearsals

Putting up a show on stage and performing in front of hundreds and thousands of people is not easy. You need to do rehearsals for days and sometimes for months. These rehearsal sessions can be long and tiring.

You need to relax after coming home to freshen up for the next day’s rehearsal. If you are coming from your theatre rehearsals late, here are some ideas for things you can do for relaxation.

PostImage 4 Things to Do After Coming from Theatre Rehearsals Take a hot water bath - 4 Things to Do After Coming from Theatre Rehearsals

Take a hot water bath

This will relax your body and mind as well. You will be able to drain all the stress of the day by relaxing in the tub or under the shower. You will feel completely refreshed.

Watch movies

You can just lie down on your couch and watch a good movie. This will boost your mood and you will feel relaxed. At the same time, you can see the performances of the actors in the movie and incorporate their styles or way of saying dialogues in your own performance if you think it fits appropriately. You can learn a lot by watching renowned artists perform.

PostImage 4 Things to Do After Coming from Theatre Rehearsals casino games - 4 Things to Do After Coming from Theatre Rehearsals

Play online casino games

You can play online casino games at an english website like Unibet. Here you will find lots of games like slots, blackjack, and other popular casino games. These games are exciting, and you will have a very relaxing and good time playing these games. It will help to relieve your stress.

Order your favourite food

You will probably feel too tired to cook after coming home from rehearsals. However, you will be hungry. So, order your favourite food at home. That way you will have more time to relax as you won’t have to spend time cooking.

Relaxing is a must after coming home from long hours of rehearsals. If you feel stressed, then you won’t be able to perform well the next day.

6 Tips for Theatre Productions

Unlike movies, theatre production is for a particular group of people. Putting up a play or drama on stage can be very challenging. You need to do everything you can to entertain the audiences and keep them on their seats.

Once there is any negative review about your production, it might affect your career severely. Here are some expert tips about theatre production.

PostImage 6 Tips for Theatre Productions Creativity and production - 6 Tips for Theatre Productions

Creativity and production process go hand in hand

As a producer, you need to be creative. You need to make sure that the performances are good, the stage is all set. Along with this creative process, you also need to think about ways to fund your production.

You need to know how you are going to pay for the actors and others involved. You should also think about your target audiences and find out ways to attract them.

PostImage 6 Tips for Theatre Productions Broaden your skills - 6 Tips for Theatre Productions

Broaden your skills

As a theatre producer, you should try to broaden your skills. You should read books about theatre production, go for short training programs and also learn from experienced producers.

You can consider an experienced producer to be your mentor and learn practical things from him or her.

Develop a network

The more people you know from this industry, the better it will be for your career. They can help you with your production by providing funding, suggesting good actors or support people, and more.

PostImage 6 Tips for Theatre Productions Learn to work with limited resources - 6 Tips for Theatre Productions

Learn to work with limited resources

Getting funds for producing plays can be tough. At the same time, you should make sure that your production has all the elements to make the audience happy. You must learn how to work with limited resources.

You should have alternative plans, so that you can accommodate everything in your budget.

PostImage 6 Tips for Theatre Productions Know your audience - 6 Tips for Theatre Productions

Know your audience

You should learn how to communicate with the audience effectively. After all, they are going to invest their money in your shows, and you must give them something impressive. If you cannot attract the audiences, your show won’t run for long.

Be patient

You need to be patient. Success won’t come overnight. You have to work for it and look for the right chance. You need to stick to your goals and never lose hope. Keep on forming networks and continue your learning process.

Though the work is challenging, you will get good results at the end. Theatre production is a long process and you must be careful in every step of the process so that nothing goes wrong.