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Are you looking for actors to perform in your next play or a production boy to work for your theatre club? You can advertise for these posts here. As this is a blog about theatre production, we welcome theatre-related advertisements to be posted in our blog.


As a client, you will have lots of benefits by posting your ads here. This is a theatre-related blog and those who are interested in theatres will read this blog. They are likely to look for theatre-related products and services. You will get a lot of targeted customers here which can help to grow your business.

Advertising options

We provide various kinds of advertising options for our clients. We understand that the advertising budget for each client is different and we try to cater to the needs of these clients. Here are the advertising options we offer.

Newsletter ads

We provide a monthly newsletter to our subscribers. The newsletter is rich in content and has information about the upcoming theatre productions, promising theatre actors, and more. You can place your ads here as most of our dedicated blog readers also read the newsletter.

Banner ads

These ads are very prominent and appear on the blog, usually at the top or on the sides. You can place your theatre-related business ads here. The size and placement of the ads can vary. You can talk to our advertising team for more information.


Putting up a play on stage requires a lot of money. Theatre clubs need to pay the actors, spend money on the stage and costumes. These plays are then watched by thousands of people. Many theatre productions often look for sponsors.

We try to support many productions and you can join our hands in it. You can promote your brand through sponsorship.

To know more about our advertising options, please contact us. Once we’ve reviewed all the information, we will provide more information on our advertising rates.