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Most people watch TV almost every day. You see actors in movies and their outstanding performances sometimes create a lasting image in your mind. Movies and drama series tell us stories of people, their lives, their phases of laughter and downturns. It entertains people.

Theatre productions are similar, only that you get to watch the actors performing live in front of you.

This blog is about theatre productions, theatre clubs and related events. Here you will learn how a popular play is performed on stage, the work that goes into producing plays behind the stage, various theatre clubs and events.

Theatre productions are amazing. You see how the actors are unfolding a story in front of your eyes through their amazing performance. Unlike in movies, there is no retake of any shot, no scope of editing.

So, the task of a theatre actor is quite tough. They have to perform at their best in front of a large group of audiences.

In theatre production, a lot of effort must be given in making the stage. The stage should reflect the environment or the atmosphere of the story that is being played. Focus is given on costume as well. Putting up a play on stage takes months of preparation.

In this blog, you will learn about the most popular theatre productions, theatre artists, and more. You will know how sets and costumes are designed. You will learn about the whole process of theatre production.

If you are an aspiring theatre actor or want to learn acting, then you will get lots of information about theatre with Sustained Theatre. You can join a theatre club and start acting there where you can learn from experienced theatre artists. Various theatre events also take place and you can be part of it.

Most famous actors and actresses we see in Hollywood today started acting in theatres initially. Performing in theatres will make you learn how to become a better performer. Then it will be easy for you to act in movies or TV series. Many directors also spot new talent from theatre clubs.

This blog will be very helpful for new actors who are looking for the right direction to pursue their career in acting. We hope you will enjoy reading our blog.